Commercial Solar Energy Solutions that make financial sense

Go Green Sun is a commercial clean energy company that focuses on component based, modular Solar and LED solutions. Specializing in Solar energy generation plants and Solar powered LED lighting retrofitting. At Go Green Sun we oversee all aspects of design, installation, and sales of commercial Solar photovoltaic systems and LED lighting solutions.

Go Green Sun handles all aspects of our Customer’s Solar Implementations developing and executing strategic plans to perform energy audits, analyzing qualifications for government incentives and product selection advancing a company’s mission by promoting revenue and profitability.

Go Green Sun's network of Electrical Engineers, Design Builders, Work Site Supervisors, Installers and Operation Training personnel ensure development of policies and procedures while maximizing stewardship, safety, and productivity.

Go Green Sun’s research and development arm explores the invention of cutting edge Solar technology solutions. Go Green Sun is working on developing Solar cell coating, Battery storage and remote system monitoring applications with the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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